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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a shooting investigation shuts down several streets in one east bay community. where several police agencies helped with the search for a man who shot at officers. and bay area tech giants lure in new users with fancy new features. commonsense media takes a look at how that may impact the web experience for kids. and watching the birth of a brand-new nation. where a new country raised its flag for the very first time. it is 7 a.m. on saturday morning, july 9. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm jim bernard with your weekend weather after the heatup this weekend, looks like
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cooling near normal as the coastal air-conditioner kicks into play. lots of fog out there. i'll have the details coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, jim. topping our news this morning, a major shooting investigation ties up traffic in the east bay. it happened last night after someone fired at a hayward police officer. a number of law enforcement agencies responded to this shooting scene near cypress and austin avenues in hayward. as you can see, of the investigation had several streets blocked off overnight for several hours. so far no suspect description is released. san jose police getting help from federal immigration agents to stop gang violence but not everyone is happy about it. more than 100 people turned out for a prayer vigil last night saying the agents aren't welcome in their city. they are worried about a plan to go after gang members who are illegally here, concerned that nongang members will be
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targeted, as well. police chief chris moore came to the vigil saying the agents will not deport innocent people. >> them giving me an opportunity to either succeed or fail and i think that's all i have ever asked for is give me the opportunity to try to do something well and then we'll reevaluate to see if we need to change it. >> san jose did lay off 66 cops last month, this as the city's homicide rate has doubled largely because of gang violence. a south bay family is mourning the loss of a soldier who was killed while serving in afghanistan. 36-year-old army sergeant nicanor amper iv died in a firefight. he joined the marines out of westmont high school, and later joined the army and served 16 years in the military. he was due home in a few months. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. a pit bull wandered into an oakland restaurant last night and refused to leave. this happened at 9 p.m. at the fish king restaurant in
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east oakland. that's at 64th avenue and international boulevard. you see the officer trying to deal with him. someone tried to pepper spray the dog but he stayed anyway. animal control and police responded and after considering effort, you can see them dragging the dog out using three poles at the same time. no word on the owner. no break for lawmakers in washington, d.c. right now. they are working on a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. president obama told both sides to bring the bottom line proposals to a meeting with him tomorrow night. taking a look right now, live look at capitol hill this morning, following a disappointing jobs report, the president now trying to prod congress towards a swift agreement on deficits and the national debt. >> i doubt that many people would argue with the president when he says it can only get worse if congress does not find a way to raise the debt ceiling so the government can borrow
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the money it needs to pay its bills. but he got a double-barreled reminder today of just how hard that is going to be to get a deal. >> that was bob schieffer there. if republicans and democrats cannot reach a deal soon, the u.s. will default on government loans for the first time ever. former first-degree murder betty ford has died at the age 93. the wife of president gerald ford was widely admired for her candor. her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction led her to co- found the betty ford center in rancho mirage. today the birth of a new nation in africa. just hours ago the speaker of south sudan's legislature made a formal proclamation of independence and they officially raised the country's new flag for the first time. we'll have those pictures for you. having a little technical difficulty there. this weekend a royal welcome down in los angeles. today prince william is going
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to play polo in santa barbara as part of his whirlwind tour of california. his wife catherine will be by his side. sandra hughes explains how this glamorous vacation is about big business for the brits. >> reporter: prince william and kate touched down in california. they were greeted by governor jerry brown kicking off their high-profile american visit. it's also catherine's first time to the united states. the royals were quickly motorcaded to beverly hills for a technology summit with philanthropists and venture captainist he is. fans outside -- capitalists, fans outside were hoping for a glimpse. >> it to believe -- i want to belief in the fairy tale. >> reporter: the prince landed a c-king helicopter for the first time. the focus in canada was more about ties with the monarchy. here in california, the couple will promote british industry and the prince's charities. they attended a reception at
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the british consul-general's home with local politicians and killing the tears. the couple will be -- dignitaries. the couple will be staying there for the weekend. >> the couple has kindly invited us to meet the royal highnesses. who could say no? >> reporter: some neighbors have signed no trespassing orders to keep the paparazzi away. >> if they attempt to gain further access in any of the prohibited areas they will be arrested. >> reporter: this weekend they will attend a star-studded gala at this los angeles theater. >> jennifer lopez and marc anthony will be there. >> reporter: saturday prince william saddles up for a charity polo march in santa barbara. sandra hughes, cbs news, beverly hills. >> looks like decent weather down there. >> great polo weather. >> sounds good. and back on earth... the real world that all of us live in, we also have nice weather, as well. >> polo or otherwise, we have good weather across the bay area today. cooling though after a nice
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warm week. we're looking at the fog bank back and temperatures will be cooler today than yesterday. that trend continues through next week. we'll have details next. still to come, you don't want to mess with big papi. what led to this ballpark brawl between the red sox and orioles. but first, remember what you eat. how bad memory may add inches to your waistline. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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salad for lunch? well, if you don't remember, that may explain why you're packing on the pounds. in today's health watch seers good morning. a burger or salad for lunch? if you don't remember what you had it's prelunch but let's talk yesterday. if you don't remember what you had that may explain you're gaining weight. in today's healthwatch dr. kim mulvihill looks at a small study that suggests there is a big connection between
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memory and snacking. lunch around the bay area, what was it like for you? like a spicy curry i don't know of name of it. but it was definitely hot. >> i don't know what the dressing is. some sort of vinaigrette. >> herb vinaigrette. >> reporter: what did you have for lunch yesterday? >> do you remember? >> pasta. >> pasta. >> reporter: now a new study suggests if you don't remember what you ate for lunch, the more likely you'll pig out at snacktime. british researchers fed identical lunches to 29 female students. some were asked to multitask as they ate. others were asked to focus closely on what they were eating. an hour later, the students were presented with a plate of cookies. those who focused on their lunch ate half as many snacks. so the next time someone asks you what you ate for lunch -- >> double cheeseburger, bacon, mushrooms. the works! [ laughter ] >> reporter: -- remember, it's not just the food that fills you up. it's your memory of it, as
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well. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. all right. so dr. kim has some advice for us to enhance your memory of a meal. she says eat it and enjoy it. also, don't multitask while you're eating. that means no computer, no watching tv, no phone, no work while you're eating lunch. these are all distractions that keep from you mindful eating. yeah, guilty. i'm guilty of that. >> something else to remember. >> oh, well. i know. you hear all these diet plans and someday i'll take that advice. meantime, it is a good day to get out and do some exercise if you did have a bad lunch yesterday, right? >> only if you remember what the weather was yesterday. >> oh!! come on. you know? i just don't have room in my brain for all that. >> too much data. >> today's decent? >> yes. we'll be looking for cooler temperatures across the bay the next couple of days. nice warmup this week after a fog-free 4th of july. we see the fog laying in there today across the bay area. it will be slow to go at the
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beach and probably lingering into the afternoon hours. the cooling trend has already begun and we'll see temperatures down out of the triple digits out of 90s today for much cooler temperatures across the bay area. and that trend will continue through the week as the onshore breeze is back and, of course, as you know that means those low clouds and fog deck that you would expect this time of year. for the afternoon, we'll look for partly cloudy skies inland, cooler temperatures there. mid- to upper 80s for the warmer locations. partly foggy at the bay. we'll see some afternoon clearing but still temperatures on the cool side. mid-70s likely to prevail with mostly foggy conditions and very cool at the coast. upper 50s to low 60s. and this pattern looks like it will probably be in place here for the next week or so as the onshore flow continues. cooling fog pattern will prevail here through the week. temperatures continue to drop. we'll be down into the low 80s to upper 70s out across the
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interior here by midweek. and i really don't see any warmup on the way at least not for the next week or so. this pattern change will continue as mentioned through the week and we can anticipate our temperatures throughout the area to continue to drop into the mid-70s by midweek for the interior which means upper 50s here at the coast as the low cloud cover will definitely be thickening up across the bay. and you would expect that type of weather pattern for this time of year as again we will see it continue through the week and into next weekend with mid- to upper 70s prevailing for the warmer locations. out at the ballpark this afternoon we'll look for partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 60s to upper 50s through game time. so you picking a winner yet there, jim. >> i am. >> who will that be. >> tim lincecum with a two hit shutout with the mets. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> that mysterious voice is jim zeier.
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we are going to talk with him in a moment. east bay residents may play a crucial role in building a system that can predict earthquakes. stanford scientists say about 500 citizen volunteers along the hayward fault are now being recruited. the idea is to install mini -- oh, that's a tough word -- seismometers in their home computers. they work with a mac or pc. the program already has its first volunteer. >> if something comes out of this in terms of early monitoring or early warning systems for earthquakes, i'd love to be able to tell my kids, hey, i was part of that. >> researchers will expand this network to southern california, utah, pacific northwest and alaska. tech giants google and facebook trying to increase their share of the social media pie with new features. jim stier here with common sense media with how that may affect our kids online. good morning, jim. >> hey, anne. how are you? >> good. we just heard this big announcement from facebook talking about how they are
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going to use skype now. tell us your thoughts on that. they just unveiled it. >> these guys are in a big battle right now. people should under sta that from an economic stand that -- people should really understand that from an economic standpoint. facebook announced skype to do video chat on facebook and it's one-to-one video chat which you can share with a friend at a time and it's going to become a big deal. i don't think there is any question that young people in particular like doing video chats but you're going to have to be very careful about how much data you allow facebook to have because this will actually increase the amount of data you give them and it will also lead to stuff that -- where people adults and kids put stuff on video that you wish they hadn't done. >> definitely. >> and will regret later on. that's one thing with the facebook-skype partnership that we are going to see more and more. the second thing is google announced a new service recently called google plus which is essentially a direct
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challenge to facebook. i mean, these guys are the big two giants of this field right now. they are really battling each other economically. they do not always get along very well and they are now -- you are going to see google plus competing with facebook. >> certainly i heard less about google plus than the big facebook announcement. what do we need to know about that? >> first of all we haven't formally reviewed it yet at common sense media but you can go to soon and see what it is. essentially google is going to set up circles which are like facebook friends circles. they claim it's going to be more private and you're going to more specifically choose who your friends are and control information sharing. big issue here for parents and for all of us is privacy. how much information do you want to give away? how much information do you want your kids to give away? and quite frankly what age should your kids start being on facebook or google plus in the first place? >> yeah. you shared that with us what you're thinking teenaged? >> at the earliest. one of the things is you to, first of all, there are laws
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that -- by law they are not supposed to be on facebook until they're 13. and we don't let our 13-year- old on facebook. remember, kids are very socially and emotionally vulnerable at this age and that's a platform that when used unwisely which it often is, can lead to social emotional and even cognitive development issues. set limits and age limits. there are 7.5 million kids under the age of 13 on facebook today. those kids should not be on facebook! parents need to be involved. teachers need to understand this. >> let's put it in a nutshell again. you're concerned about that, that they will share things that later on could come back to haunt them? >> right. >> is certainly a concern. >> predators. >> predators, cyberbullying. you need to understand the technology as parents. you have to set clear limits on age and how much time your kids can spend on those and you have
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to be very careful about the privacy settings. >> when it comes to understanding the technology, it seems like it will be easier when you're looking at this skype in facebook. apparently skype is going to be easier to use in facebook than skype is on its own. >> correct. and i would tell you that skype in facebook is just one element. it's getting complicated now for all of us. >> i'm intimidated. >> take it slow. set clear limits. understand the technology. i mean, technology is moving so quickly here in the bay area and in silicon valley. but that doesn't mean it's necessarily good for your kids. and you need to be very careful. and that's what i would urge people to do. common lays this all out. you can go there and find out tech tips but ultimately as a parent you have to use your own common sense and you have to set clear limits and all we're going to see is more of this. but the one thing i would remind you is, don't let your kids sit on it for hours a day. as jim bernard just told us, we are going to have a beautiful, beautiful weekend. your kids should not be inside on their facebook account for
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five hours all day sharing pictures with people! get out and enjoy the nice weather that jim promised us this weekend. >> jim stier from common sense media thanks for joining you see. a soggy start to the ladies u.s. open. up next the golf pro taking the lead in the latest golf contest and baseball fans in the big apple do not fear the beard. find out why coming up next in sports. ,,
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last night. david ortiz would get a bit touchy in his last "at bat" after a few pitches he thoug we have a ballpark brawl between the red sox and orioles last night. david ortiz got touchy in his last at bat after a few pitches he thought were too close. he runs. then you see this. they each swing and miss before being ejected. the red sox end up winning the game 10-3. ballplayers wore black ribbons to honor a fan who died in a tragic accident on thursday. plus, the giants try to hold off the mets during a home game. kim is here to fill us in. good morning, everyone. a day after rangers fan shannon stone died from a 20-foot fall over the bleachers, his widow jenny told team president nolan ryan her biggest concern is the impact this will have on their 6-year-old son. >> hearing the little boy screaming for his daddy after
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he had fallen. and then being home with my kids, really hit home last night. >> certainly want to express -- >> before the game a moment of silence for shannon stone. both teams wearing black ribbons. less than a week after being named to the all-star team, gio gonzalez had his shortest start of the year. mike napoli's grand slam taps off a five-run first. gio gives up seven runs in four innings. the rangers beat the as 8-5. giants and mets, she doesn't fear the beard and neither does scott hairston. his pinch hit homer in the ninth off brian wilson breaks a 2-2 tie. the mets take the opening game of the series 5-2. the u.s. open's -- women's u.s. open had plenty of rain the last two days. i.k. kim has a two-stroke lead midway through the second round and how about some nba news? >> yao ming is retiring after nine seasons with the rockets. he was an eight time all-star but miss today 50 games the last few years -- missed 250
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games the last few years with injuries. that's a look at sports. we'll see you tonight at 5:30. space shuttle atlantis on the way to history heading to the international space station for its final mission. very popular tune by coldplay is what the astronauts woke up to this morning. they are spending most of today checking the shuttle's heat shield for damage from yesterday's launch. they will dock at the space station tomorrow to deliver more than 4 tons of supplies. you know, jim, you're a big aeronautics guy. what do you make of that whole final mission? >> final mission of the study to explore new places -- >> what do you think? >> it's a new era. something new is coming along. but it's been momentous ride. >> did you see that liftoff yesterday? >> no, i didn't watch it. >> didn't get that up early? >> no, i didn't. i'm interested to see what follows it, though. space station will continue to develop i'm sure. what kind of craft they are going to use...
7:25 am
still to be determined. >> i'm not a big space race fan. but seeing it take off was a momentous occasion yesterday. >> i think we'll be catching up with "star trek" before you know it. >> you heard it here first. >> they will be departing from the bay area soon as we see outside today, cloudy skies for your departures as the marine layer is whack, onshore breeze bringing cooler temperatures to the area, the cool young hanging around for 10 days. >> a little foggy out there. but relief from the heat. coming up, the federal government stirring a dispute over whether flood insurance is necessary. we'll take a closer look at why fema is reconfiguring its flood maps and why one home other than in the bay area vowing to fight the new lines. and a lawmaker seeks to prevent
7:26 am
a new law on circumcision including the one in san francisco. he is trying to make the bans illegal. what's motivating a bill being introduced in sacramento. we'll be right back. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ next - the south bay community celebrating the new go flag. today world leaders welcome
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the birth of a brand-new nation. next, the south bay community celebrating the new government and that new flag. and the yellow paint job that's too bright for this marin county town. after taking a bold stance, why this pizza joint has agreed to dim its view. >> plus a hotrod rolling on six wheels. how fast can this new car did and when it is going to hit the market. welcome back to "weekend early edition." it is 7:29 july 9, thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm jim bernard in to take a look at your weekend weather pattern. hope you enjoyed all that heat this week. >> yeah. well, it looks like it's cooling down. you know, and i like a little variety so i'm good with this. >> all right. well, there you go. variety we've got as cooler weather is on tap for our -- well, beginning today and continuing through the week. we'll see a return to an onshore breeze which, of course, means the marine layer is back in play and that will be affecting temperatures. we'll take a look at just how much coming up in your complete
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forecast in just a few minutes. all right. very good in the headlines, federal immigration agents now helping san jose police fight gang violence and the plan is stirring controversy in the south bay. more than 100 people took part in this prayer vigil last night worried about the feds' intention to go after gang members who are here illegally. but san jose's police chief attended a vigil stressing that the agents will not deport any innocent illegal immigrants. there is a major shooting investigation into the east bay. someone fired at a hayward police officer last night. a number of agencies responded to the shooting scene outside an apartment complex outside cypress and austin. several streets are blocked off for hours overnight. and so far this morning, no suspect description has been released officers in east oakland tussled with an unwanted
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customer. you can see him there. yeah, last night a pit bull wandered into the fish king restaurant in east oakland. he refused to leave. animal control and police responded as you can see there to pulling him out with their poles after a considerable effort they got him out. no word yet on who owns the dog. he is kind of cute. a state lawmaker is joining the debate on whether circumcision should be banned to prevent cities and counts from prohibiting it including san francisco which has a ban on the ballot in november. the democrat says the proposed ban is an abuse of the initiative process. he says he is disappointed with the tone of the debate including comic books that we have showed you over the past few weeks. some say their anti-semitic content in those comic books. after decades of trouble and intense international pressure an underdog region in africa has achieved something few separatist movements ever
7:32 am
achieve, independence. south sudan just raised its new flag for the first time today. in san jose those known as the lost boys from the 1980s escaped the atrocities of civil war in sudan. these guys have a reason to celebrate today. don knapp on independence day for the world's newest country. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: dancers here in san jose celebrate an historic day. the creation of the new nation of south sudan. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it is essentially a line in the desert sand that promises peace and an end to the civil wars that have killed 2.5 million. >> i lost many of my family member due to war. >> reporter: wars that led to the lost boys of sudan who fled to avoid con description as child soldiers by marching thousands of miles to other countries. gabriel was just six at the time. >> so something that looked like a nightmare but i'm happy that the new day is here and we have another country within
7:33 am
sudan. >> reporter: he says the sudan government had used its military force to take the oil and mineral resources of the south, then bought weapons to repress the people. when peace efforts failed, southern sudan voted to become a separate nation. now if the nation creation holds, there will be a government and military to protect the people and it's hoped hospitals, development and schools. >> i think now this outcome should be respected, should be accepted, and that you should look into the future at two sovereign states as two good neighbors. >> reporter: the lost bothers and other immigrants say they now have hope for the future. >> they all want to go back if they can and bring the talents and gifts their perspective into a new country. >> reporter: in san jose, don knapp, cbs 5. checking some bay area headlines now, a man turned in
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eight assault rifles, two handguns and live ammunition into the east palo alto police department yesterday part of the third annual gun buy-back program. it's going on today, as well. the man had heard about the program but he stated he did not want to wait to accept any of the money for his guns. so today's gun buy-back program runs between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot at the city hall. guns must be unloaded and in the trunk of your car. over 140 firearms have been purchased to date. obviously trying to get firearms off the streets in that city. the parole officers responsible for supervising this guy convicted sex offender phillip garrido did a substandard job. that's a new report by a federal judge. garrido kidnapped, raped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. the report shows agents downplayed his repeated drug violations plus they never confirmed that garrido even
7:35 am
registered as a sex offender. in business news apple about to roll out a cheaper version of the iphone and on the u.s. economy new data is expected on retail sales and consumer attitudes. susan mcguinness has the moneywatch report. >> reporter: this week, we'll get new data on retail sales and consumer sentiment. there are indication americans are willing to spend more but the job market is very week. on friday, the government said unemployment rose to 9.2% and that pushed the markets down. the dow lost 62 points. the nasdaq fell nearly 13. if the current iphone is out of your price range you may soon have a new option. apple will reportedly sell a cheaper iphone this fall to compete with the growing android market. the iphone 5 will also be released this fall. if you are in the market
7:36 am
for a fully loaded sports car with all the extras, here's one that even has extra wheels. it has six wheels. the extra rubber on the road offers better traction and more effective braking. the car has a top speed of 190 miles per hour and will be available in 2012. the price tag is expected to be at least $1 million. and that's your moneywatch. for more business news go to in new york, i'm susan mcguinness. former first lady betty ford died at the age of 93, widely admired for her candor. her recovery from substance abuse addiction led her to found the betty ford center. inmates friended to be on the phone waiting for a staged fight to happen. when the cops went to break it up, they made their move.
7:37 am
they were recaptured. new details in the case against a nigerian on a flight with an expired boarding pass. he was indicted -- that's a tough name. olajide noibi on federal stowaway charges yesterday. today prince william saddles up for a charity polo match in santa barbara as part of their california tour. he and his wife are raising awareness about british businesses at star-studded events. and it looks like a lovely day for polo playing. >> most lovely. >> most lovely. [ laughter ] >> but, around here, we're probably up to much more reasonable things in the fog. >> we'll be doing it in the fog. actually they will be playing polo in the fog in santa barbara as well as the marine layer is back in play. >> we're used to it, right? that's british weather. >> exactly. >> rain, mud, fog. that's what we have for them. for us, no rain or mud. just the fog today. and cooler temperatures, which will be our dominant weather
7:38 am
pattern through the week after our nice midweek warmup. we're back to regular temperatures and we'll detail those for you coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> also, a local restaurant showing its true colors finally decides to tone it down. the controversy and the resolution coming up next. homes that could be under water but not for the reason you might think. why the government is rewriting the books on flood zones and the bay area woman who is refusing to pay the price. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recently been desi welcome back. 7:41. some bay area homeowners are getting quite a shock when they find out their property has recently been designated as being in a flood zone meaning they most likely then have to buy flood insurance. allen martin with a closer look at the government's reason for redrawing its glad maps and why one home owner is vowing to fight it. >> reporter: janet ashley readily admits her santa cruz county home is in a canyon with
7:42 am
a creek below. >> i'm midway between the top and the bottom. >> reporter: a creek that she says dries up in the summer. but the federal emergency management agency now says there's a 1% chance every year for the next 100 years her property may flood. she is not buying it. >> that kind of volume of water coming through that canyon, that would alter the world as we know it today. >> reporter: janet ashley and about 70 other property owners in santa cruz county have recently been told they are now included in fema's flood zone maps, maps santa cruz county doesn't have a problem with. >> we have reviewed the analysis that fema has performed for the new maps and found no reason to appeal them at this time. >> reporter: but janet says she has reason to. she and others feel fema is looking for more money. >> it says, right on fema's website, you can go ahead and fight this but you must have your insurance in place while you do. >> reporter: wow. >> that's what it's all about
7:43 am
revenue generation. >> reporter: fema says, not so. >> we have a few years like katrina that affect it, but if you disregard katrina which is a major event, on the average, the amount of money coming in equals the amount of money going out. >> reporter: but at the moment, fema's national flood insurance program is almost $20 billion in debt. while congress has extended the program until september of this year, there is an effort in washington to dismantle the entire program by the end of 2013. in the meantime, kathleen schaefer with fema says her agency's old maps had become just that, old and outdated. >> the old maps were hard to use. they were hard to access. and they were expensive to update. we converted them to a digital format to make them compatible with many of the digital products like google earth and some of the things that we have kind of come to accept in today's world. >> reporter: schaefer says fema engineers use topography, the
7:44 am
lay of the land, hydrology, the volume of water, and hydraulics, how fast the water flows, to determine risk. janet ashley says those factors don't add up on her property. however, she is purchasing flood insurance while she prepares to do battle. >> will i fight it? yes. i'm forced to keep on fighting it. they throw me on a flood plain map so my property value has dropped even further, i'm going to have to fight it. >> reporter: look for congress to decide the fate of the national flood insurance program by the end of summer. fema's website,, is the best place to start getting answers to questions about flooding and flood insurance. if you have a story for us, log on to, click connect, scroll down to "closer look" and send me an email. allen martin, cbs 5. jim, you have been watching them redraw these maps for some time. >> it's been quite a controversy for a couple of years. i have heard a lot of people complaining about these new maps using new technology, gps
7:45 am
and google mapping. as they said, interesting, one of the factors they didn't flow there being considered in the mapping was climate. hydraulics, hydrology, et cetera. >> that would be taking place over the decades when you're talking about water rights. >> long term. certainly a major factor in there and causing grief for a lot of folks. >> that means they are going to have to do this process again? >> they will be talking about it for some time to come. how it will end up, we will only know in the fullness of time. we have a little better handle on today's weather where we can tell looking outside that we're in for a fog-bound day here and cooler temperatures across the bay. as you can see here, fog-bound across the city. the onshore flow is back. our big warmup of midweek is over and we'll be looking for more typical marine pattern to continue here through the week. still lots of sunshine across the interior as we look back to the bay from mount vaca. you see the tops of the fog bank. it's running about 2,000 feet
7:46 am
overall throughout the area. so it will linger into the afternoon hours. we'll see tomorrow clearing here and there. partly cloudy to mostly sunny across the interior with temperatures today out of the 90s and into the mid- to upper 80s for the hot spots. we'll continue to cool with more fog expected in and around the bay here. looks like mid to upper 70s for the warmer east bay locations and at the coast they are going to hang onto the fog longer in the day. they will be looking at upper 50s to low 60s today. the pattern is changing to more of an onshore breeze here. and that will be our pattern right on through the week here. as a result, we will see more fog and cooler temperatures replace that heat wave through the week. so look for the clouds to be with us late night and early- morning hours and temperatures dropping on the peninsula into the mid- to low-70s at the beach into the upper 50s to low 60s again, low 80s in the south bay, san jose morgan hill, down in that direction. they will be near 80 today. but not as warm as we were last
7:47 am
week. like wide cooling here through the east bay with mid- to upper 80s prevailing today. notice the 90s are dropping off the charts here and moving back into the east bay hills, it's closer to the bay, we'll be looking for upper 60s to low 70s and some low 80s into the tri-valley area here as the north bay once again also cooling into the upper 70s to low 80s for the warmer locations. and back into the 60s near the water. so this pattern will likely continue here through the week and we'll be looking at it into next weekend as the gradual cooldown continues nonstop with temperatures back into the mid- 70s here for the warmer locations. now, that will put us below normal for this time of year. but i don't see any big warmup headed our way in the near future. project by about midweek next -- probably by about midweek next week we'll see this pattern shift once again and i'd look for temperatures to creep back to near normal by that time. so in the meantime cooler temperatures here after a
7:48 am
lovely week and a fog-free 4th, by the way. >> yeah. still beautiful. so fabulous. >> yes indeed. >> unfortunately i couldn't stay up for the fire? >> i had to be here for the morning show the next day but hope you all had a chance to enjoy. >> it was a good show. >> there were so many illegal fireworks going off around too. >> yeah. a lot of people had trouble sleeping that night but yeah, hopefully everybody had a chance to have some fun. and maybe do some grilling out. speaking of, how controversial can a pizza joint be? in this case, quite. the final concessions made as it served up a change. ,,
7:49 am
7:50 am
10 minutes before 8:00 on this saturday morning. first the critics didn't like the name then said the building was ugly and after that, vandals targeted it. now elizabeth cook shows us a pizza parlor changing its color. reporter: when you eat at a restaurant named pizza orgasmica, you could be fairly confident subtlety is not on the menu. >> it needs to be vibrant. we cannot have pizza in black and blue. >> reporter: the colors of the
7:51 am
building are hotter than the pizzas. and the customers like it that way. >> truly energetic and it pulls you in. >> yellow is like one of the colors that like people want to eat when they see. >> it gives you appetite. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks it's appetizing. since taylor maya opened pizza orgasmica in february, he battled the city and other businesses over the color scheme. they were even vandalized with graffiti. >> you cannot please everyone. >> reporter: but taylor is tired of fighting. and he is changing the colors he chose to match his brazil soccer jersey to a more mellow yellow. >> going to tone down some of the areas. we need compromise. >> reporter: the company isn't the only restaurant in san rafael that's making a statement with color. just around the corner la bodega isn't exactly understated but are they being asked to change? yes. in a letter to the restaurant, framed on the outside, a
7:52 am
customer said the color was garrish and ugly and weren't the only ones. >> it's a little much. >> reporter: but only pizza orgasmica has to change because it's a historical buildingle taylor thinks his opponents are missing the bigger picture. >> what's more important, people's order lives, beige, brown, place close here for years going to have something bright and have people coming in here to the business and go figure. do the math. >> businesses can conduct themselves as needed. if they are bringing in the business it's good for the community. >> reporter: in san rafael, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> the things people find time to fight over. always amazing. all right. if you watched big brother you know there is a veteran out of the house already, new season just started. richard denadeau the winner of season 8 left because of his own personal matter and cbs promises to address his exit this wednesday we're told. before season 13 debuted this week, elizabeth wenger chats
7:53 am
with host julie chen about the dynamic duos inside the house. >> reporter: joining us now is julie chen. she is the co-host of cbs' newest talk show "the talk" and is also the long-time host now of big brother. and big brother is what we are going to be talking about this morning. so we understand this season is all about double trouble. what does that mean, julie? >> that means we are taking dynamic duos, if you will, from the past. past seasons, people that you either loved or love to hate, maybe both, probably both, and we are throwing them back into the house. however, these dynamic duos from the past are going to be thrown in with eight new strangers. so all bets are off. who knows. like if you watched the seasons in the past where these rushing houseguests played the game you may see a new side to them, you may not. you may see what you loved about them, you may see a new side you hate. you just don't know because they are going to be in a new situation with eight brand-new
7:54 am
people. and i just find in big brother, you never know what is going to come out of the houseguests and they never know because you never know what someone else can bring out in you. some people bring out the good, some people bring out the bad. good and bad exists in everybody. just a matter of can i push her buttons or make you a better person? >> sounds like drama to me. >> yeah. to me, too. this guy, san mateo resident in san francisco state student dominic bree grand is among the 8 new contestants in big brother so we have a local guy in it. like other seasons, the reality show dumps a backup. of people inside a camera- filled house. the roomies vote one person out every week. the last contestant standing wins a half million bucks. you can watch the next episode on wednesday night right here on cbs 5. we will be right back. ,,
7:55 am
i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.
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san jose police are now getting help from federal immigration agents to stop gang viol ts are concerned
7:57 am
san jose police now getting help from federal immigration agents to stop gang violence. some people are concerned that a hostile police stance could develop against immigrants. former first lady betty ford died at the age of 93. her openness about addiction and alcoholism offered hope to a lot of americans and she cofounded the betty ford center in rancho mirage. prince william and kate are continuing their visit to southern california. today william taking part in a polo march for charity in santa barbara. the royal couple is also promoting british industry and sounds like they will be dealing with fog down there as we will be dealing with fog up here. >> the marine layer is back along the california coast and looks like it's in place for the rest of the week. so look for cooler temperatures to prevail as we take a look around the bay right now, seeing cloud-bound indeed. we'll see some partial afternoon sunshine, probably won't clear at the beach and it will be back in first thing tomorrow morning. actually late tonight into tomorrow morning it will be bac
7:58 am
we'll see drizzle as well as this cool pattern again is with us through the week. >> all right. and finally this morning, a new york city kitty is counting his nine lives after being tossed out of a moving car. staten island animal control says one of their officers noticed something being tossed out of a car on a local bridge but he is okay. at first think thought it was trash. but when it hit the ground, it started moving. the officer pulled over and saw it was this kitten. he called for help in rescuing it from the bridge. too young to be adopted, so he is being sent to a foster family for now. he is awfully cute. one of my adopted cats was from a shelter in new york. they're tough! >> bounces pretty good, too. >> yeah. well, you know, nine lives they say. they land on their four feet. good for them. >> all right. time for us to call it a morning. thanks for joining us today. and "weekend early edition" will be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 with phil matier talking politics. so have a good day, meantime.
7:59 am
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